Managing Your Music Collection the Smart Way

It’s easier than ever nowadays to build up an impressive collection of music, tailored exactly to your liking and featuring a good dose of every artist and band you enjoy out there. You can create your own playlists to go with each mood of the day you’re going through, and some modern applications can even allow you to automatically generate playlists with suggested tracks, based on the way you’re feeling right now. This huge availability can also come at a cost though – it’s easy to lose track of the things you truly love among all that’s available, and you should know how to manage your digital music collection the right way.

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Backup Huge Sets

If you’ve got a huge collection of music built up – the old-fashioned way, with lots of MP3s – you should think about a rolling long-term backup solution for that, in order to ensure that you don’t lose anything permanently in case of data loss. Hard copies of music are fading away in popularity somewhat, and that includes both the legitimate markets as well as the world of piracy. You might find that you’re in possession of some rare copies of certain tracks, so you should make sure that you preserve them properly.

Obtaining Those Rare Tracks

Sometimes, you might come across a song that’s borderline impossible to find, no matter what you do. You have to get creative if you want to expand your collection in those cases, and you should know how to use your computer in some slightly more advanced ways in order to maximize your chances. Freemake, for example, is a great tool when it comes to downloading tracks from YouTube, and it’s not rare that video sharing sites like it will be your only source for certain pieces out there. Keep a good toolset prepared and know how to use everything in it so you won’t have to waste any time when the need arises.

Using Spotify?

Spotify is a great platform, but it’s also a bit controversial, both among artists and users. The truth is that it’s a solid service with a lot to offer, and whether it works for you depends entirely on how you like to enjoy your music. If the kind of randomness that comes with the platform’s normal use doesn’t bother you, and you’re okay with the occasional ads on the free version, you might find it a delight to use. Its library is also surprisingly rich, with new content added on a regular basis, so you should have no trouble finding the kind of music that you enjoy with just a few clicks.

Music lovers have it quite easy nowadays compared to their predecessors from just a couple of decades ago, but those who don’t keep up with the evolution of technology around them may not be able to see those benefits that clearly. Make sure you stay in line with current trends and always educate yourself about how you can use your computer, smartphone and other digital tools to their full potential.