Buy the Best of Genuine Ship Lights for Home Décor at Affordable cost Online

Ship Lights

Genuine ship lights are designed to be used in the masthead, ship sides, cabin, stern, deck, passageway and other locations. When a ship comes up for salvaging (after wrecks) or braking down (due to aging), the ship owner takes out the parts and auctions them in the open market. Ship Lights come as part of this auction. They are in good working condition with all their parts intact and functional. Since they are designed to work under harsh marine conditions they don’t burn out or breakdown for many years. Their aesthetic appeals make them good enough to be used in internal home décor lighting.

Ship Lights and their Types

  • Pendant Lights: – The ship Lights used in decks come in the form of pendant light, fox light, ceiling light, wall mounted light and others. The sizes are normally categorized into small, medium and large. You can use the pendant lights for living room décor as they can be hanged with the help of metal chains fixed to the ceiling. Having four bright pendant ship lights at the corners should give you sufficient illumination for the whole living room. You may also use them in your kitchen over the cooking and dining table, countertop etc. Hanging the designer pendant lights in your garden increases the illumination and aesthetic appeals.
  • Deck Lights: – Typical deck lights can be used for focusing on specific objects since they produce powerful output. Vintage types are made from brass, copper, bronze and other expensive metals. They usually have a canopy, hooks, chain, gravity hooks and lip filter shade. You could fix them using the canopy and rotate the neck in 180 degrees (some of them at 360 degrees). You can use these Ship Lights in your drawing rooms, kitchen, guest rooms, shelves and cabinets etc.
  • Search Lights: – Ship lights used for search and spot are highly powerful in nature. They have a sharp focus over long range in kilometers. You can use them in your fencing walls for safety and security during nights. Having four of them at the corners can help in keeping the security personnel on vigil.
  • Cabin Lights: – The Ship Lights used in cabins are the most colorful you can find. They come in multiple shapes, sizes and designs. You can use them practically everywhere in your home. Study lights, wall mounted lights, pole mounted lights, cabin mounted lights and many other forms can be found in the collection.

Ship Lights and their Quality

Ship Lights

The quality of ship lights is measured in terms of the materials, design and aesthetic appeal, usability, power consumption Vs output ratio, total lighting area, expected lifetime and ease of maintenance. Genuine lights have measured values for each parameter which are rated high.

You may opt for contemporary, classical, vintage or antique types of lights from the auction/sale. Make sure you get the best rates by biding / quoting intelligently. If the ship owner is selling them at fixed price you can look for the best quality of Ship Lights at affordable prices.