Causes and natural remedies for eyelash loss

Eyelashes are not only pretty, but also very important as they provide protection for your eyes, and keep dust from getting into them and causing a number of eye problems. Long eyelashes are very pretty to look at and add character and dimension to your face. They not only make your eyes look brighter, bigger and far more alluring, they also make you look less tired when all you want to do is curl up and sleep. Eyelashes frame the eyes and draw people’s attention to the face. They are therefore, an important feature of every woman.

But there can be a lot of reasons why eyelashes start falling in some women, causing great concern and worry. If this is the case with you, you may have found yourself asking “Do eyelashes grow back?” Well what are you waiting for? Read on to find out! If the thought of how to make your eyelashes grow and keep them healthy has ever crossed your mind, then this article is for you!

do eyelashes grow backMain causes of eyelash loss

A lot of conditions can cause eyelash loss, leaving you wondering, “do eyelashes grow back?” Good news is, they do. Bad news is, it takes a lot of time and effort. Read on to find out what causes loss of eyelashes.

  • Makeup – You read it right, ladies. Long term use of makeup can really thin out your lashes, completely changing the way you look. Makeup, after all, is made up of harsh chemicals which aren’t very good for your eyelashes. Keeping makeup overnight can really weaken your lashes, causing them to fall.
  • Thyroid conditions – Thyroid conditions are fairly common, and can be a major contributing factor to premature falling of eyelashes. Hypothyroidism can even cause lumps of eyelashes to fall out at a time.
  • Mites – Tiny mites live on eyelids, in the place where your eyelashes grow. These mites, called Demodex folliculorum, are a parasitic mite that lives in hair follicles. If too many mites start living in the same hair follicle, it can cause inflammation of the follicle and also cause eye infections. This can causes eyelashes to fall out. This condition must be healed by a doctor, before you start taking steps to make your eyelashes grow.

How to grow eyelashes

do eyelashes grow backIf you’re wondering about do eyelashes grow back, you’re in luck, because this article tells you exactly how to do that!

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