Inevitable option of Doctors Excuse

Most of us have been really unwilling to admit that we needed doctors excuse at some point of time to take a well deserved break from work. But we have come to realize their importance only through our experience. You could consider your own case when you were refused a genuine break after working on a project deadline for weeks. Your boss chose to give you an excuse saying “Your contribution is very important for the company right now, so you better get back to work”. You got infuriated and your mind refused to work. But you had no other choice.

fake doctors note for schoolGift of Doctors Excuse

Now you don’t need to worry any longer about convincing your boss for a genuine break. In fact you could take as many days off as you wish with absolutely no questions raised! This is made possible with the by the gift of doctors excuse.

  • This is a simple process. You logon to the doctors excuse website and download the template. Then you open it in a word processor like MS Word. You can edit the template to customize for your needs, take a print and present to your boss. It really works.
  • The doctors excuse template consists of many parts. It has a unique title part containing the medical center name, address and phone n You need to edit them one by one. Change the medical center name to something that really exists somewhere around your city. You can copy the address and phone from the yellow pages.
  • Now edit the Excuse column and write “stress related fatigue and metabolism disorder”. Search for the medicines and fill up the medication column. In the treatment column you need to add “Complete bed rest for 3 days with prescribed dosage of medicines”. Fill up the other columns accordingly and add phony doctor’s name. Get one of your friends to sign it like a doctor. Now your task is complete.

Fake Doctors Note for School

Presenting the fake doctors note for school has never been easier than today. You need to think of a strong illness which could put you to bed rest for at least a week. Food poisoning, backache, stomach disorder and severe fever are some of the common excuses from which you can select.

doctors excuse

  • Download the template and edit it to make changes according to your needs. Sign the note like the real doctor does and present it to your class teacher. If you feel like taking “off” from the same day, you could send the fake doctors note for school through your friend.
  • There is a strong possibility of getting bored at home after sending the fake doctors note for school. Sometimes you may feel like going out to have some fun. Make sure you don’t get sighted by any of your school friends or the teachers. If you feel one week is too much, you could simply go back to school and tell your teacher you got back to school because you didn’t want to miss too many classes.