Best Torrenting Sites

Torrent Sites are here one day and havethe other disappeared. That’s the world, it is because these are being in disobedience to many laws throughout the globe. We witness blocked domains, controversies, and many censorship issues. In some cases, the website brings down, and the owner either jails or fine with the most probable case.  With the continuous emergence of new torrenting sites and the toppling of well-run torrenting sites by the government in some cases and the court in others.  The people also look on for the best torrenting sites to use and benefit from them as they please. The Best torrenting sites which are currently actively running in the world would be as:

Some of the best torrenting sites

  1. The Pirate Bay:

 It is one of the top in best torrenting sites. The Pirate Bay was playing second fiddle to and kickass torrents for a long time.   Both of them were closed due to copyright infringement and lawsuits against them, but now as both the torrenting sites have been shut close. It is operating at the pinnacle of torrenting sites.  It has survived everything, you name it from lawsuits to corporation censorships to fine and jail to both its co-founders. And even blocked domains, but this torrenting site has put out all the full stops to become the best torrenting site of the present. Providing its users with the best quality and strives to hold onto this position for the times to come.

  1. RARBG:

 RARBG founded in 2008 almost 9 years ago.  It works with the basic principle of providing magnet links and torrent files for a pier to pier sharing to its users. It is one of the only torrent sites which provides its torrent files on other torrenting sites as well. The torrent files with the name RARBG are abundantly found in many other torrenting sites.

Blocking and censorship issues have also followed this torrenting site.  Like all the rest of the website being blocked from Saudi Arabia in April 2014. Moreover, further countries to ban the torrenting site include The United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, and Pakistan. The motto of RARBG is only quality and not quantity.

  1. AG:

This torrent site is one of those to whom everyone looks up for best quality and minimum size of its files. is a torrenting site which has been on the horizon as mostly being a movies provider to its users. It’s neat, clean interface and the way everything sort on the website is a plus. An integrated research bar uses to search for the movie one wants to add to his/her library. Quality is one the best reasons people prefer YTS as it provides its users with 720p and 1080p quality of movies and not low-quality prints. It is mostly written off as TIFY/YTS torrents and users claim it to be legit. The torrenting site changed its name from YIFY to YTS after the founder of the torrenting site decided to retire.