Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Business SEO

Some of the most commonly committed mistakes in the webs page design and content include cheap hosting, irrelevant web design, overuse of frames, heavy scripts, lack of SSL certificate, low page speed etc. It takes a real professional approach to avoid these mistakes. The first thing you need to do is to host your domain on a reliable and fast working server. This will let you create multiple pages in your website with highly sophisticated design, content images, video links and document download options. You may also connect your dedicated email server with your website in the most efficient manner. SSL certificate is a mark of security in your website for the visitors and online product buyers.

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Common Mistakes in Web Design

  1. Frames in Design: – The traditional web designs relied heavily on frames to separate the sections in a web page. This kind of design hinders the loading speed of the web pages. It also makes it difficult to navigate within the page and between pages. XML, advanced HTML, PHP and many open source web design tools can effectively replace frames with lightweight alternates. A professional web designer with experience in designing business websites can help create the flexible web designs for mobile and PC platforms.
  2. Heavy Scripts: – Scripts are written to enhance the functionality of the web pages. They control the front end design, the applets at the middle level and the database connectivity at the back end. Instead of loading all the scripts in the front end web design, it is better to split it into three parts. Keeping the client side script only at the design will help lighten the page.
  3. Home page: – Adding heavy weight images and videos in the home page can slow the loading.
  4. Flash Videos: – having excess of flash can hinder the integration of keywords with the content.

Mistakes in Web Content

  1. Poor Quality: – Poor quality refers to copied, spun, monotonous, non impressive and unrelated content. The readers are unable to understand the text and connect it with what they want to find in the site.
  2. Keyword Stuffing: – The recommended density for a keyword is from 2% to 3% for standard business websites. Having more can make the search engines like Google decrement the ranking. It can also influence the relevance and reading flow of the content.
  3. Complex Content: – In an effort to attract Google ranking you might end up making your web pages highly technical and complex in nature.

Mistakes in Keyword

  1. Insufficient Research: – Small and startup company websites have to compete with established and large scale business operators in the internet marketing. Having poor quality and insufficient quantity of relevant keywords can affect the visibility of the pages to the search engine crawlers.

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  1. Illogical Integration: – “Bodybuilding carbs is a procedure for weight loss”. This kind of illogical linking between keywords and content can make the web pages worthless.
  2. Keyword Position: – The position of keyword within the content can to be in the title, subtitle, paragraph beginning, middle and end. They have to be closely followed by synonyms which have the same meaning. Missing this approach can make the keyword integration meaningless. Get more info here