Rings and Finger association

For your pinkie finger, ring finger, middle finger, index finger, thumb- do you know that what kind of rings you should wear in these fingers? We can give you the guide. There are certain rings which are only designed and made for particular fingers. Like we have specialized rings designed for your little finger. Then we have exclusive ring designs which are made for your index finger and so on and so forth. Check out Damascus steel rings collection as well, they have rings for each and every hand finger of yours:

Rings made for a Pinkie Finger

For this Pinkie finger of yours, you can also call it a little finger, though it is a useless finger you can make it eye catchy looking by putting a fancy ring on it. Always wear that ring on this little finger of yours that actually looks outstanding. Your hands will automatically look outstanding, your fingers will start to sparkle because you have worn a ring on a little finger of yours.

Rings Designed for a Ring Finger

Then we have a ring finger for you! This ring finger is normally and usually associated with love as well as romance. Exclusive and best of all rings are made for this finger so that you can typically show and signify your attachment to another person you love. This finger helps you out that how can you show your love in an intimate way to your partner. If men will wear anything on this ring finger then they will usually go for plain metal bands.

Rings made for a Middle Finger

Normally people avoid wearing a ring on their middle finger. It is one of the least common places to put up and wear a ring. If anyone will wear a ring on this particular middle finger then she won’t wear it for a longer time. People wear rings on their middle fingers as long as they are not working because, during working, ring in a middle finger interferes and disturb your working mode.

Rings Exclusively made for an Index Finger

It is too called as a pointer finger. It is quite easier to wear rings on an index finger as compared to the middle finger. Whatever rings will be placed on this finger, they show and depict the great amount of significance related to status, culture. It is one of the noticeable fingers because whoever will wear a ring on this finger, that person depicts the high status of her or him! Normally class rings and rings of accomplishment or rings of prominence, crested rings, familial rings, rings of personal affiliation, they are worn on an index finger.

Readers can stay in touch because, in coming days, we will discuss in detail about Damascus steel bowie knife too.

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