Risky methods of Black Hat SEO?

SEO is all about rules and regulations. The main reason why rules are established is to create a level playing field and provide users with a unique experience. If you need to keep the rankings of your website high then you would need to be aware of the latest SEO trends along with methods. On the flip side there are scammers who outsmart the search engines and try to bring in more traffic to their website. One of the methods that these people tend to adopt what is  Black Hat SEO that goes on to manipulate Google.

What the drawbacks associated with Black hat SEO methods. This is help you to fine tune your SEO strategy as well

Paid links

If you resort in purchasing links for SEO purposes then it is a major benefit. Once you are done with the transaction, there is no need to worry about quality and moreover it is easy as well. In addition anchor test that is a vital clog in the wheel of Google ranking is modelled as per customer needs. Both these methods in combination can easily go on to manipulate rankings on search engines. Seriously it is rated as Black Hat SEO.

Spam comments

It is quite obvious that a newly launched website would be flooded with unwanted comments and promotional links. If you allow unrestricted entry to your blog, with no tab on quality the day is not far away when negative comments will pour in. This does go on to leave a negative impression in the minds of the users. For this reason it suggested that you should avoid spam comments and it does prevent the genuine visitors to the website for leaving their comments as well. Do take into consideration spam comment gives an unprofessional look to your blog. With block n plugins you can keep the unwanted comments from pouring in as well.

Duplicate content

As the name replicates it denotes a situation where you go on to copy content from other sources. Search engines have a strong likely for original content and this is one of the main reasons why copied content risky black Hat SEO methods. It leads to a poor experience for the users. It is not only a concern for various domains but for a particular domain as well. It could also emerge because of a lack of know how as well.

Article spinning

It is on similar lines like duplicate content, though in recent times it has gone on to become immensely popular. It is considered to be a form of plag and is one of the black hat SEO methods to avoid.

To sum up Black Hat SEO is a strict no as far as SEO business is concerned. Sooner or later you will be caught and the website is going to be banned as well. Though being banned is on the rarer side as more strict penalties are put in force which lowers down the ranking of the website.