Read, Revise and Practice a Lot for Passing the Driving Theory Test in First Attempt

Preparing for practical driving test was crushing and now driving theory test. However, theory test clearance is necessary to obtain full driving license.

Book theory test

Obviously, you will need to book your UK driving theory test online. Select a test centre near your location from 160 centres spread nationwide. Visit official Government website and find the closest centre and make a booking. However, keep credit/debit card on hand for paying test fees of around £30 and even your provisional license.

Where to start theory test practice?

To start with revise the theory test handbook designed by DVSA. It includes example questions and useful tips to answer the first section of the theory test i.e. 75 multiple choice questions. You will need to get minimum 44 answers right to pass.

The second section will be hazard perception, so read and gain knowledge about the Highway Code. It will be needed for hazard perception section. The hazard perception part includes video clip series featuring different forms of driving hazards and you will need to sharpen your senses to spot them instantly. You will need at least 43 right answers out of 50 to pass.

Prefer proper revision source

Choose appropriate revision tool. As theory test is going to be taken on a computer, you can visit online and start practice sessions. Online driving test product providers help their users to keep track of their progress. You will get to know your weaknesses or categories you are struggling with. It is ideal for resolving any issues before the final test.

Practice for hours

Theory test questions are picked randomly, so you will need to know the answers to any questions from DVSA handbook confidently, which includes 1000 probable questions.

Hazard perception practice is also crucial to sharpen your spotting power. Friends and family can help you practice under pressure with rapid quiz rounds because the real test offers only 57 minutes for answering 50 questions.

Online theory test practice package

The greatest thing online driving theory test providers is ‘Weakest Questions’ feature. You get to revise questions you answered incorrectly or you have not yet seen. Users can take advantage of this feature because it helps to concentrate on the questions you are weak rather than the ones you already know.

Try a mock test

After all the hours of reading, revising and practicing, you may feel confident to try the mock test. Complete several mock theory test papers.

After each mock paper review find your mistakes. Check the DVSA explanation for every question to understand the background properly.

All the preset papers will include questions from handbook at least once. The moment you score passing marks consistently, it means you are all prepared for the final theory test.

Tips for final test day

  • Reach the test centre half an hour prior the test starts.
  • You get time to reduce the stress before entering the test room.
  • Carry photo-card provisional licence or you will not be allowed to sit for the test.
  • Fifteen minutes are given before the final test time starts to understand the test format and touch screen. Therefore, check the screen and if you have an issue then resolve it prior the test starts.
  • Answer questions you are familiar with quickly and flag tricky ones to handle it in the end.