Ultimate Baking Experience with Rectangle Pizza Stone

The structural features of rectangle pizza stone can be the major factors which determine the quality and taste of pizza made on it. Heat retention, distribution, moisture absorption and thermal conductivity are some of the features built into the stone during the process of manufacturing. Using Thermarite as the base material for the stone gives added strength and stability to its structural features. Being a high quality Cordierite this material has high thermal shock enduring capacity. You may place the rectangle pizza stone in any type of gas or charcoal oven at high temperatures safely for a long time.

Thermal Properties of Rectangle Pizza Stone

Cordierite stone is expected to have an extended lifetime, which is more than any other material. One of the best features of this stone is its ability to remove hot spots on the surface. That means heat gets uniformly distributed on the entire surface.

  • Heat distribution is said to be a direct result of heat retention property of the rectangle pizza stone. The volume of heat retained is good enough to keep the pizza in hot conditions and moderate enough to protect it from getting burnt.
  • The density of cordierite is estimated at 2.6 grams per cubic centimeter. When the heat from the source enters this material, the particles absorb it. Part of heat is retained while the rest is distributed to the other particles. The horizontal and vertical distribution of heat comes to a tolerance point within a specific time. From then on the particles stop getting heated further. The extent to which the particles can retain heat determines the endurance level of rectangle pizza stone. Practical experiments have shown that Thermarite can withstand up to 20000 But the maximum temperature within a pizza oven may go up to 5000F. Hence this material can be easily recommended for the rectangle pizza stone.
  • Thermal conductivity of cordierite is 3.0 watts per square meter. If you calculate the length X Width X thickness of the rectangle pizza stone, the heat distribution at this rate can easily heat the entire stone within few minutes. This will obviously speed up the process of making pizza.

Baking Properties of Rectangle Pizza Stone

The maximum estimated temperature required to bake the pizza to its best quality is 5000F. The first step is to pre heat the stone for about 30 minutes. This is the time when heat gets distributed within the entire structure of the stone.

  • The formation of crispy crust is an important requirement of the rectangle pizza stone. This is achieved during the design process. The tiny pores on the surface of stone help in absorbing the moisture, enabling the crust to become crispier in nature.
  • The thermal mass of rectangle pizza stone protects the food being baked from any variation in temperature. This enables you to get uniformly baked dough. The heat energy injected into the pizza from the core of the rectangle pizza stone keeps it warm even after taking it out of oven.