Icloud unlock have reduced the stolen cases of iPhone in last few months

icloud unlock is the feature which can help you to lock your iPhone until you enter the proper iCloud password to it. Hence, if your phone gets stolen and you are worried about all your sensitive data in it, then it will be the problem solver for you. Because, thief will not be able to access it without this password and it will be of no use to him as fully functional gadget. Hence, this feature has protected millions of iPhones from getting stolen from all parts of the world. IPhone is considered as one of the most expensive kind of smartphone and its price is much higher than other android smartphones, hence it makes it very valuable gadget. Hence, there were many cases reported in United States and some parts of Europe about stolen iPhones. Hence, it was very essential for the company to launch something which is very different from other features and which will protect the iPhone from being stolen. After several research and trails iCloud was introduced in it successfully and now people can use their iPhone without any stress of getting it stolen.

icloud unlockThere are some websites and mobile applications also which claims that they have a tool to unlock this iCloud also with very simple process. Majority of those mobile applications are fake and some of the software are also like pranks which makes people fool. But still it is totally uncertain that whether there is any such working tool or not. If it is possible to unlock the iCloud without getting password then it is like breaking the biggest security interface. But some people might have been succeeded in this work. If it is true then it will again increase the stolen cases of iPhones. The main reason behind these cases of stolen iPhones throughout the world is that iPhone is the most expensive phone which is known by maximum people. Some people also consider it as a status symbol for their life. But the fact about it is that it is neither a status symbol nor a tool made for common man. But it is the gadget which is made for very high profile and multitask loving people. It provides you those interface which are not possible even in next ten years by the Android and other handset manufacturing companies.

icloud unlockBut if such tools are available to crack even the toughest codes like iCloud, then everything is possible in the world of information technology. This might be an alarming sign for all the other features of iPhone which makes it versatile. If this feature can be hacked then all other features could also be hacked by the people. Many such challenges are there for iPhone users, but majority of those challenges are solved by the brilliant team of professionals working for apple. These changes are updated in the newer version of the phone and many successful trials are taken for it. There are many videos also available on YouTube about those trials.