Which brand make the best portable sound system for concert?

Searching to get the best portable sound system to use for concerts, large scale concerts require a different type of sound system whereas portable PA speakers are more needed for small to medium sizes concerts or in general jam sessions.

There are a few aspects that would needed to be kept in consideration in the requirements and features that they hold before officially making a purchase, looking for a high volume range, clarity and durability.

When it comes to brands, there are many that are used in the market of portable speakers, it can be fairly difficult making a decision on which I would consider the best for myself and the uses I would need it for would be a mixture of both Bose Professional and Mackie. Both these brands are well known in the market for their reliability and professionalism. Learn more about how to buy Portable Speaker System online in Dubai.

Bose- F1

The Bose F1 speaker is pretty interesting with its design yet it somehow is everything that people would need for a house party or concert, the speaker has the option to be switched between four different shapes; straight, C, J and reverse J. To change between shapes all that would need to be done is to push and pull the arrays and decide on the position that is most suitable for you and which area would need the most coverage.

What makes it so great is the fact that once the shape has been moved in different positions the EQ automatically adjusts by itself to suit the tonal balance necessary for the coverage area.

The use of it is very powerful and does the needed job great, and as the adjustable arrays are optional to be used, keeps the option open and is good to be there if needed to be done. For musicians the best output should be the most important to them no matter where they are as well as the price range that it may fall under.

Mackie- Thump 15

Much more affordable in comparison to the Bose speaker, as well as being designed specifically to improve the sound quality. If bass it what you enjoy the most, this may be the right speaker for you, the speaker separates the highs and lows in which it segregates them to the right speaker, its phase correction and driver time alignment is what makes its sound be superb. It self protects itself from any damage that may occur if the sound is too high and frequencies varying its protection system does its job.

With the use of the Mackie Thump 15 there aren’t any major drawbacks that would need affect the quality of the speakers and brand, and you the value for your money once purchasing it. The fact that the weight is around 15kg makes the PA system very portable and durable to transport around, as well as having many other features that you usually wouldn’t find on a speaker with such a low price, as for the quality of sound it is on par with those that would cost much more.